Who we are

We represent a dedicated hard-working group of people on a mission to fully establish and support the “Cada Vida” project. Our team firmly believes in this project’s game-changing capacity and works vigorously to promote it from its earliest stages.

Viviana Cadavid - Founder and Head of Impact


Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Viviana is a former corporate worker turned social entrepreneur. As Head of Impact for CadaVida, she is responsible for day-to-day leadership in all areas of the organization.

Viviana has over ten years of professional experience, in project management, business development and management.



Nathan J. Anderson – Financial and Strategy Director

Nathan, is proud to be from the state of Vermont in the, USA. He has been based in Europe and China for the past 9 years, where he has developed extensive international and emerging market experience in finance, operations and business development activities.  Nathan works closely with the senior team at CadaVida on developing strategic partnerships and keeping the books of the foundation in order.



Marcela Cadavid Orrego – Coaching and Mentoring Director

Marcela is an intrinsic intellectual leader with immense professional achievements in the psychology field. Marcela is defined by her determination, enthusiasm and expertise in clinical psychology and talent management. She holds two outstanding Master’s Degrees in the psychological field: one from Paris Diderot University (Paris 7) in Psychoanalysis and the second from University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis (Paris 8) in Psychology. She specializes in Violence Psychopathology.