What we do

CadaVida Foundation was born in Medellin, Colombia, out of a desire to help women become emotionally and financially independent. In Spanish, CadaVida means “Each Life.” We believe that every life is important, and we believe that empowering women helps not only themselves and their own families, but also creates stronger communities and a powerful, positive impact in the world.

CadaVida Foundation’s main goal is to provide entrepreneurial training and job opportunities to women from low-income backgrounds, and to women who are solely responsible for financially supporting their families. We want to help women realize their own potential, access economic opportunities, and be able to take care of their own families.

As a non-profit, umbrella organization, CadaVida Foundation both implements and supports programs and “social entrepreneurial projects” in Colombia that are dedicated to empowering women. We support self-sustainable programs that have two important components. The first component is training and teaching that focuses on entrepreneurial skills, how to manage money, and how to become emotionally and financially stable. The second component is real-world application that allows women to make an income and immediately put into practice the skills they have learned during training.

We maintain a coworking space in Medellin where the women in our programs can enjoy free Internet access, seminars and coaching sessions, and have a place to network with other women. We also offer work placement advice and financial aid so that women can save the money necessary to start their own businesses.

CadaVida Foundation believes that every woman has potential that can be unleashed with the right support and tools. For a woman who is currently struggling, just one opportunity can open the door to countless other options and lead toward self-development and success. CadaVida Foundation hopes to provide Colombian women with opportunities to learn, contribute, and thrive.

Though we are focused on working with women, CadaVida Foundation believes in the power of each life. We support gender equality and the importance of working with men to create sustainable changes in our society. All men are welcome to join and support our programs.