Foco recognizes CadaVida initiative

Nota-de-Prensa-FocoViviana Cadavid, founder of CadaVida, was exclusively invited to participate in the Colombia FoCo forum this past 18th of October 2014, in Medellín, where she had the opportunity to tell her story of how she came to dedicate her life to the selfless cause of honoring  and empowering women.

The event presented a video of Viviana’s work at the Comuna 13, in Medellín, where the audience was able to appreciate CadaVida’s dedication to the capacitation of the women enrolled in the program. Viviana explained that the mission of the program is to empower women who did not have access to education and cannot get a stable job and financial income as a consequence. For this end, large clothing enterprises in Colombia are kindly asked to donate first-hand pieces as primordial material for the Puntadas de Mujer project which guarantees total transparency in the use of the donated goods.

These great women feel that CadaVida is a second chance to empower themselves through knowledge and education, so they can thrive as independent leaders of their households and community. Viviana highlighted the fact that the women will be able to put into practice and experience results of the theory they will be learning simultaneously, which is a great advantage of this program. Live it and learn it! CadaVida aims to empower these women with the type of skills and knowledge that will make them self-sufficient soon enough and most importantly, firm believers in themselves to conquer the life they deserve.

Viviana was acknowledged for cultivating the seed of success in women through CadaVida Foundation, and then awarded with the outstanding prize of the Foco ’14 Colombia, which included a $10,000 donation from the Angelica Fuentes Foundation. Viviana proudly accepted the award as a symbol of compromise to the support and expansion CadaVida and her commitment to her country and her fellow women.