Women: Empower and Fight for Yourselves


The movie “Big Eyes” is based on the true story of American Artist Margaret Keane, who is a struggling divorcée recently arrived in late-’50s San Francisco with her young daughter and is looking to pick up the pieces from a brutal, busted marriage. There she met Walter Keane and married him. Thus began the strange story, where Walter started to take the credit for Margaret’s work and convinced her to keep the secret for a good period of time using sweet words and taking advantage of her insecurities. As her paintings’ more and more popular she felt trepidation and wanted to tell people the truth but her husband continued to manipulate and even threatened her, she gave in again and again. At last, as an artist and a women she awoke and came to realize that she must take back the painting, take back the credit, take back her life and all her belongings. In the end, Margaret was able to put that lie to bed and successfully sued Walter and was awarded damages of $4 million.

Have you ever felt weak and helpless? Were you ever afraid to say “no” to unfairness? Have you ever been cheated by sweet words? Have you ever…… Margaret was able to change into a strong and brave woman. And you, do you feel the power? We should always have the confidence to be independent and not rely on anyone too much; we should be more stronger in heart, not afraid of anything or anybody. No one will help us if we don’t fight for ourselves.

Thanks, Margaret.

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