Marcela Cadavid



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Marcela is an intrinsic intellectual leader with immense professional achievements in the psychology field. Marcela is defined by her determination, enthusiasm and expertise in clinical psychology and talent management. She holds two outstanding Master’s Degrees in the psychological field: one from Paris Diderot University (Paris 7) in Psychoanalysis and the second from University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis (Paris 8) in Psychology. She specializes in Violence Psychopathology.

Marcela is in charge of Coaching and Mentoring at CadaVida. In this capacity, she draws on her significant psychology experience to develop curriculum focused on helping women overcome past trauma, loss, insecurity, and inner struggles. Her sessions also focus on how to set emotional and economic goals and plan for the future.

Since 2012, Marcela has also worked at University of Autonoma in Medellin, Colombia, where she serves as the clinical and educational psychologist of the Welfare Department, providing care to and developing guidance programs for faculty and students within the department.